Wordpress Plugin Tutorial Part I - What We'll be Doing

Welcome to part one of Wordpress Plugin Tutorial. We will discuss what we will actually be trying to achieve throughout the tutorial.
As you all know, in Wordpress, others are allowed to make comments about a post. For this purpose there is a comments form at the bottom of the page. By default, there's a message saying "Leave a Reply" at the top of the comments form. This is shown by the following image.

What we'll be trying to do is to allow the user to specify a custom message per post. For example the author will then be able to have something like "Did You Like this Tutorial?" in place of "Leave a Relpy" on a post basis. I will provide links to resources along the way so that you can refer to them when you build your own plugin.
The purpose of this tutorial is to guide you along the way so that you would have achieved something useful at the end of the tutorial series.

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