Custom Comment Message - Wordpress Plugin

This Wordpress plugin allows you to change the 'Leave a Relpy' message that appears as the heading of the comments form.
You can specify the message to be shown on a per-post basis. The following screen-shot shows how the user interface looks.

If you do not specify a comments section title for a certain post, it will default to the global value. You can set this global value on an admin panel. The following screen-shot shows this.

After you set the comments-section title, you will see that this appears when a single post is shown like below.

If the plugin does not work,  check to see if the comments.php file of the currently activated theme calls the 'comment_form()' function.
This plugin should work from Wordpress version 3.0 upwards and has been tested on 3.0, 3.1.1  and 3.1.2.

In order to install the plugin, download it from here and upload the contents of the zip file to the wp-content/plugins folder. Then activate the plugin. You can also install it from the Wordpress admin dashboard.


  1. hello, i'm not able to tell which page in the admin section to change the global default. thank you!

  2. Hi,
    Take a lok at the first image here. There should be a menu item like shown. You can set the global default from there.

  3. Almost exactly what I'm looking for, except that I wanted to customize comments on a large number of actual pages instead of posts. Is this possible?

  4. one of my team member is duplicate emails when ever some one have commented on the post. Is there any way it can be avoided.